be…salon adore our ghd stylers and hair dryers, we certainly couldn’t image life without them, well it feels like ghd has been around forever.  If you are over 25 however, you will probably remember the wasted hours spent blow drying your hair straight in the morning before the revolutionary ghd hair stylers changed the hair styling world.

ghd was founded in 2001 (Leeds) and is an incredible British success story, the fact that no girl can live without them today, shows just how quickly a new brand can achieve worldwide success!

Due to this success there are many fake stylers out there so make sure you buy them only from a professional salon.

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ghd Nocturne ‘Limited Edition’

Now in stock - while stocks last!

Curve Wand

NEW ghd

Flight Travel Hair Dryer ‘Limited Edition’

Now in stock - while stocks last!

Light, compact and powerful

Packed with the power and features of a full size dryer

                    Powerful 1200 watt motor & nozzle for directing air flow

                            Two power settings and a cool shot function

                             Create professional, long lasting styles

                                Lightweight, ergonomic and foldable design

Universal voltage for exploring the world


Get ultimate results without compromising the health of your hair. ghd platinum® features tri-zone® technology to deliver constant, even heat that reduces breakage by 50% increases shine by 20% and is proven to be kinder to hair colour.


At last you can style while you dry, with the new ghd aura hairdryer for speedy ultimate root-lifting volume & super smooth shine. With two breakthrough innovations in technology, ghd aura offers a truly new drying and styling experience that delivers the ultimate in luxurious volume and a smooth, shiny finish. Laminair™ technology delivers a 42% more concentrated stream of air than other dryers*, meaning you can work on one section of hair, without disturbing the others, giving you exceptional styling precision and control.

What does this mean for your hair? Stunningly smooth and shiny results. While the innovative Cool-Wall™ technology keeps the outer casing and nozzle cool to touch, ensuring you can style much closer to the root for impressive volume.  In addition to this, the new ghd aura is 27% quieter and lighter* for a more comfortable drying and styling experience.  (*compared to its predecessor)


We now sell a wide range of ghd styling & treatment products so, pop in and have a look.

So what makes the ghd air™

different? Well, almost everything.

Its 2,100W motor makes it much more powerful,

while the body itself is shaped to give a faster

blow-dry. It doesn’t just dry your hair, it uses advanced

ionic technology to lock in moisture for shinier results that

last longer, with less frizzing. It’s not just hot air, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Quick, effortless straightening & easy curls and waves. Suitable for all hair types and lengths. A brilliant

all-rounder for everyday styling.  The original multi-award-winning ghd IV styler is the perfect tool & the original

ghd styler of 16 years.

Curve Tong

ghd Pure Gold & Earth Gold ‘Limited Edition’

Now in stock - while stocks last!

Earth Gold
Pure Gold