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faith in nature

At be…salon natural based products are at our core, that are cruelty-free and feel, smell and look good.  However, not all products are equal, the ‘Faith In Nature’ range are very high quality, use expensive natural ingredients and have high performance levels that give great results. ‘Faith In Nature’ hair care is also very affordable and although not classed as professional (not used generally by professionals or have the concentration levels) they are higher quality, purer and contain higher natural levels than many high street bought ranges.  They are also, made here in the UK, in Manchester!

Anti-Dandruff Lemon & Tea Tree Shampoo helps to reduce dandruff while softening and loosening dead skin cells during washing. Made with Organic Lemon, 100% natural anti-dandruff ingredient, and Tea Tree Oil, it provides a fresh citrus blast to uplift, cleanse and energise your day.

100% Natural Fragrance          *     100% Natural Anti-Dandruff Ingredient

With Essential Oils                   *     Free from Parabens and SLS

Free from Artificial Colours       *     Biodegradable

Cruelty-Free                            *     Suitable For Vegans

Seaweed and citrus shampoo is part of Faith In Nature’s award winning products and our current best selling product range from them. This refreshing seaweed and citrus shampoo blends the antioxidant qualities of wild harvested seaweed with aromatic lemon aromas. A perfect balance between the green and the blue halves of our planet.

100% Natural Fragrance          *     Free from Artificial Colours

Biodegradable                         *     Free from Parabens and SLS

Cruelty-Free                            *     Suitable For Vegans