Hair Services

hair services

At be... we offer a wide range of hair service including cutting, styling, colouring, perming, relaxing, hair extensions / additions, spa therapy treatments etc.

We have 3 levels (price points) of designers/stylists - Creative Designer, Artist Designer & Director.

We do not have any junior designers/stylists, all of our designers/stylists are full qualified and have been fully qualified for at least 2 years and most are 5 years +, so have a wealth of experience.


cut / finishes

from a reshape to a restyle, hair ups to tousled curls or smooth & straight

from: £26.00


perming & relaxing

giving volume or curls to hair with none or help to calm over curly hair

from: £50.00

Hair Colouring

hair colouring

balayage, foil lights, scalp colours, bright semi's or glossing demi's

from: £20.00

Hair Colouring

extensions / additions

6 bonds to add colour, 50 to add thickness or 200 to extend your locks

from: £21.00

Wet/Dry Shave

men's hair

from a single grade cut to an on-trend style or colour / guy lights

from: £11.50

Wet/Dry Shave

hair treatments

a mini 'Wash Bar Treat' or a super charged 'Spa Therapy Treatment'

from: £5.00


a selection of our client transformations (swipe   )


our current price list (from April 2021)


Consultations are needed prior to all new colour/texture services and with all new colour/texture clients.  They take about 30 mins and enable us to get a better idea of what you would like the finished results to be as well as us determining what is the achievable outcome.  In the consultation we go through allergy and safety questions and may ask to take hair samples to test, if required.

We do charge £20 for this service, but offer it as a money off coupon as long as, 1). you are able to ahead with the service, 2). it's within 8 weeks of the consultation, 3). the final price is over £70 and, 4). there are no other discounts applied to the final service(s).

If you would like to book a consultation please call us on 01243 823485 then we can book the consultation service as well as taking the £20 as payment for it (payment is taken when booking).  As with all services you will need to contact us at least 2 salon working days prior to it if you require to move it otherwise the payment will be taken by the salon for the missed appointment.