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To request an order of any of the products or items below, please follow the ordering guide: 

  1. Select or find the item(s) you would like to order.
  2. Click on it or any of the products/items (to go to 'Contact Us')
  3. Send a 'Contact Form' order request with the description of each of the products/items you would like, or do (4).  
  4. You may also email us, text us, or call us (see all the details on the 'Contact Us' page).
  5. We will then contact you to arrange payment (click & collect style or contactless at the salon) & a pick-up date from the salon.

*All prices & details were checked at the time of uploading (but, please check for current details, just in case of any changes).  All products are given symbols to show their suitability or for more information: 

(V) = Vegetarian / (VE) = Vegan / (LE) = Limited Edition / (Cruelty Free) = not tested on animals (we don't sell ANY non-cruelty-free products) / (SALE) = reduced price / (Out of Stock) = we have currently run out of the item, you can enquire about it via 'Contact Us'.

 T&C's apply, please ask for more details.